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We are so happy Lisa came to help us with our 7 month old, Olivia. Her approach was both gentle and very effective in helping Olivia sleep much better both in the day and night. In just a few weeks, Olivia went from waking several times a night to sleeping through.

What a happy baby!

Lisa’s patience, good humour and generosity with time and knowledge made us feel very comfortable from the beginning. We were very keen to take a gentle approach to helping our little girl learn healthy sleep habits and we found that Lisas approach achieved exactly this.

The hands on support and practical advice relevant to our baby made all the difference. Lisa addressed issues relating to sleep but to feeding, play and development which enabled us to understand how our baby was changing and how to address changes both now and into the future.

This has given us confidence to help Olivia maintain the healthy sleep habits she as she grows from a baby into a toddler. We highly recommended Lisa as she has a wonderful, gentle approach to helping babies achieve improve their sleep.

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