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“I was really struggling…after Lachie turned 6 months it was like he had worked out that he could get me to comfort him to sleep rather than fall asleep himself. When I would put him in the cot for a sleep, almost instantly he would start crying and before long was hysterical, at which point I would pick him up as I couldn’t bear to hear him so upset.

Eventually I got to the point where he refused all day sleeps in his cot, and would only sometimes fall asleep in the car or pram after driving or walking around for over an hour. And then is was just a 45 minutes nap. I was exhausted and my life had become a blur of just trying to get Lachie to sleep and was not sustainable.

At night the only way I could get him to sleep was to feed him, and I ended up feeding him 4+ times a night just to re-settle him. Anyway I was at breaking point, which is why we got Lisa to come in. Lisa was so reassuring and helped explain where we had gone off track and explained all the research that supports how much sleep a baby of Lachie’s age needs for his development.

Lisa provided lots of information but in a easy to digest manner and provided us with a clear logical plan for how to get Lachie’s sleep back on track.

What I liked most is it had some flexibility was personalised to our needs, rather than being a strict time based regime like I’d read about in many books that is a one size fits all approach. After 2 days Lachie had learnt to self settle!! I couldn’t believe it! I put him down in the cot, he contentedly played around for a little bit and then fell asleep. After 2 weeks, he was consistently self settling for 2 sleeps a day and going straight down at night with no problems and only 1 feed overnight.

After 4 weeks Lachie was sleeping longer too, anywhere from 1 hour to 2hours per sleep, and he dropped his overnight feed. Yay!!

Once of the best things about the re-training that we’d done with Lachie was that he now had these skills and when we went away for Christmas (for 3 weeks in 3 different places) he adapted straight away and slept exactly how he was at home.

Finally it meant I could relax and enjoy the break, rather than walking all day trying to get him to sleep! It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but it didn’t take long and every day I saw progress. I was always reassured by Lisa about the importance of teaching this skill to Lachie and the importance for his development of getting enough sleep. It was the best thing I’ve done and Lachie and I are both much happier as a result.

Lisa was a great support through out the process, coming to visit and keeping in touch on the phone and email responding to my questions! 

Thank you so much Lisa for helping Lachie and I get back on track and be a happy healthy family again!”

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