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Our son Louis started off as a great little sleeper - pretty much as soon as we got him home from the hospital he was blessing us with 4-6 hour stints, quick feeds, and straight-back-to-sleep awesomeness.

And then - everything changed. I don’t know whether it was the dreaded ‘4 month sleep regression’, or the fact we went to Perth for a month and he was sleeping in a portacot in different places every night, but by five months, our little perfect sleeper was now waking every hour.

We were playing a nightly game of jack-in-the-box as we leapt up and down, putting the dummy back in, shushing, patting, feeding, and generally cajoling our little one back to sleep. Needless to say, by the time we contacted Lisa we were at our wit’s end and my anxiety and wakefulness was at an all-time high.

From the get-go we were impressed with Lisa’s calm approach. She literally talked me off the ledge during our first phone consultation, and gave me some practical advice and strategies for helping little Louis to get back on track. We saw the effects almost immediately, and noticed, particularly in the day, he was much easier to resettle. Lisa then came around and put into place some new strategies to further help us. Unfortunately, things got worse in the short term as Louis got used to the changes, but Lisa’s constant support, both over the phone and via our daily email exchanges, helped ease us through the worst of it. Her well-written and easy-to-follow strategy for Louis was also great. Two months later, the change in Louis was remarkable. He was now going much longer in the days, and only waking once over night. Which for this 12-times-a-night owl, is somewhat miraculous! And he’s continuing to improve.

I would recommend Lisa for those at their wit’s end - like us. Thanks Lisa, for saving our sanity, and giving Louis the best gift of all - the ability to soothe himself, and get a great night’s sleep

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