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Lisa from Sleep Gems came into our lives at the perfect time and transformed the sleep situation for our daughter Louisa beyond our wildest hopes.

We were in a desperate and stressful state with our beautiful eight month old, who just wouldn’t sleep. We had been through six long months with hideous reflux and by eight months the reflux had settled but the sleep situation was only getting worse.

Lisa was understanding of our situation, and without pressure or judgement gave us the strategies we needed to teach our little one how to sleep. Lisa’s approach of ‘responsive settling’ was exactly what we wanted. We felt Louisa had cried enough for a lifetime when suffering with reflux and we weren’t comfortable with controlled crying, so responding to our child’s needs was ideal for us.

During Lisa’s first visit, Louisa actually fell asleep in her cot, on her own, and with some consistency and hard work on our part, things continued to improve over the next few days. On Day 4, Louisa napped for two hours and twenty minutes, the longest day time nap she ever had in her life! The changes we made were very simple and manageable, and yet made the world of difference for our family and we haven’t looked back.

Since Lisa’s last visit, we have managed a family holiday, the arrival of first teeth, the transition from breast milk to bottles and a first cold - with good sleep maintained through all of it thanks to Lisa’s sleep strategies. Louisa now sleeps twelve hours overnight and has two good sleeps per day, which I never thought was going to happen. It really has been a miracle!

Thank-you so much Lisa!

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