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It’s now 2 months since Lisa worked her magic and in retrospect it’s hard to imagine just how challenging Ray’s sleeplessness was.  Ray was 10 months old when we finally needed to reach out for help - no book or website was able to provide the right recipe for “sleep” success so we called on Lisa.  By that time both my wife and Ray had to share a bed from midnight every night and even then there was no guarantee that Ray would sleep.  The result was a tired and cranky baby and mum with no end in sight.  Ray just wouldn’t settle without mum next to him.

Thankfully Lisa quickly made herself available and within a day she was at our place giving us some schooling. Lisa was always very patient and accommodating with our thousands of questions both in person and via email. That night we already began to see some positive signs from Ray and within a few weeks everyone knew what the routine was.  

Huge thanks to you Lisa!

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