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When I called Lisa I was very sleep deprived and feeling hopeless. My 8 month old baby boy, Graeme, had been waking 5-10 times every night for weeks and my husband and I were exhausted getting up so often. We usually resorted to bringing him to bed with us where we all slept fitfully until morning.

Up until he was 4 months old, Graeme was a good sleeper, and I only had to get up once or twice for a quick feed. I thought we were just lucky. Then, from four months on, things changed.

He was harder to put to sleep – I needed to rock and sing to him for up to half an hour to send him off – and he was harder to resettle too. Sleeping became a battle which we were losing.

At first, we wrote it off as a ‘four month sleep regression’, then we blamed it on a holiday, then we thought it was teething. Gradually, the bad nights outnumbered the good and suddenly we were stuck in an exhausting sleep deprivation spiral with no energy left to break it.

After a recommendation from a friend, I contacted Lisa and immediately felt at ease. She listened to my story without judgment and calmly assured me this was very common and that her strategies could help Graeme to sleep a whole night every night. This sounded like a miracle!

When Lisa came to our house, she watched our normal evening routine and immediately made several constructive changes. Using her responsive settling strategy, she then put Grae to sleep (after only 10 minutes of crying) and he only woke once that night. After only a few days he was sleeping for 11-12 hours straight and I was having unbroken sleep for the first time in 8 months! He was also having two 1.5 hour no fuss daytime naps. Lisa followed up with a detailed personal sleep plan for Grae and maintained close email support throughout the next few weeks. We haven’t looked back since then.

With Lisa’s help, nap time and bedtime are now simple, quick and stress free, and she has given us confidence as new parents. I thoroughly recommend contacting her if this all sounds familiar, as the sooner sleep problems are resolved the better the whole family functions.

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