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We’d always had problems settling her for naps but Lidia had started sleeping through the night at around six weeks - so I felt I didn’t really have anything to complain about.

However around the four month mark the sleeping through the night stopped, but the naps were still no better. From that point on things got progressively worse.

By the six month mark we were at the point where all day sleeps were either on my shoulder or in my lap, and nighttime settling would usually end up with either me sleeping in her room or else just taking her into our bed. I was absolutely exhausted and becoming increasingly stressed.

Thankfully I was referred to Lisa and we decided to try the 4 week program. That first day we got three proper sleeps in her cot, she was settled down for the night by 7pm and asleep by 7.15. I could not believe it. It was just such a massive turnaround. After such a day there was no turning back.

I’d had a taste of the good life! It’s been three months now and since that first visit there has not been a single sleep on my shoulder or in our bed.

Sleep is so important, for everyone. If you think you need help I strongly encourage you to get it. The settling techniques are easy to learn, the program provides you with heaps of support, the routine is easy to follow and in my experience it’s one that baby will thrive on.

We had really positive changes in Lidia just during the first few weeks of the program, her appetite increased, her skin was glowing, she was so much more alert and playful and basically a much happier baby thanks to the lovely sleep she was now getting.

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